Creation Groans.

With so much going on in America right now, my husband and I have been deeply concerned and convicted with how the Church is handling it. While we don’t have all (or even most) of the answers, we do have commands that come straight from God’s word. He alone is the authority and He alone give authority. Today while I am thankful for our government and those that God has placed in power, I cannot help but mourn those whose lives are being torn apart. I cannot help but remorse over the College students who are being detained at various airport all over the world because of their race or religion. Several students who have been ‘vetted’ and been approved are questioning whether they will get to continue their education simply because of where they were born. My heart is breaking for our neighbors who don’t know what will happen next.

Know that you are not alone. You are loved by the King of Kings. You have been created for a purpose. You are not alone.


The following is by Guest Author: Tyler Bowman.

I cannot reconcile my mind with this great fear that we American Christians have for our modern-day Samaritan neighbors. I cannot agree with the laughter, mockery, and derision that we show for those who are hurting and cry out on our nation’s streets for justice, regardless of whether I agree with them.

I am convicted by the rampant hypocrisy we show when we use the name of our Savior as a weapon to attack the positions of others but neglect to show His hope and love as we are called to do, yet then we cry oppression when the world pushes back against our hopeless rhetoric.

I am reminded with every protest, every strain and conflict in our nation, of Paul’s words in Romans 8, where “all creation groans” for the revelation of the sons of God and also for the renewal of all things. However we have come woefully short of showing people the hope that we have for that restoration. We force them to wander aimlessly and chase some ethereal, unknown sense of justice rather than show them the Light that we have been given, and then we laugh at them and torment them for not knowing.

So I ask you to pray for me to be more intentional with love for each other and for the world, as our Savior was and as I have struggled to be. I ask that you pray for God’s church in America, for there is a desperate need for us to be seen as reflections of Him and not as agents of hatred. And I will pray for you also.



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