Prayer Experience

Over the past 24 hours, ABS has put on a day of prayer. It has been an interesting 24 hours to say the least. We put up various stations so students could practice “adoration, supplication, thanksgiving, and confession”. We also made posters that showed the top 100 un-reached people groups of the world.

We chose to have our day of prayer on St. Patrick’s Day because St. Patrick was a missionary to Ireland and was responsible for converting the Irish to Christianity. You can read more about the history of St. Patty’s Day here.

We encouraged the students to stop by for an hour out of their day and spend it in prayer. We provided them with a 40-day prayer challenge for the un-reached people groups that can be found here. The Joshua Project group that created this prayer guide also created an amazing app that encourages you to pray for a different un-reached people group every day!

My favorite part of planning was getting to create an example prayer strategy for the students to take and make their own. I’ve struggled with prayer so much over the past year or so and this really helped me to think about how my prayers could best be used. I used the book Fervent and a prayer journal as a guide to help me draft what would best fit a college student’s life. You can find a copy of the sheet I created below.

Handout for Prayer

I hope this helps in your prayer endeavors! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you!


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