And forever we will sing by Tyler Bowman! 

I praise God that I can sing, that the breath of life that He breathed out into the first man can swell up within us and offer forward a sound of praise and adoration to Him, and thus in some small measure we can return to Him that most basic blessing that He first put upon us!I praise God that I can sing to music, that I am filled with amazement of all of the ways in which His living church has been inspired to write their praises to Him. I am thankful for melody and harmony that He has imbued into creation from the vibrations of air to the pulsing of the stars to the beating within my chest.

I praise God that I can sing skillfully, that in accord with music and lyrics of His praise and His great deeds we can produce symphonies of praise and emotion with a combination of skills and talents that inspire others to do the same, that impart valuable messages of His love and His majesty into the hearts of sinners both saved and lost.

I praise God that I can sing in my sorrow and joy, that no matter what situations and trials and struggles surround me I can pour out my heart in song to Him who knows my every heartache. I praise Him that I can raise my voice in exaltation to sing louder and higher and stronger until my throat is as raw as the unbridled love and emotion pouring from my chest. I praise Him that I can be overwhelmed and brought to tears when my worship brings me to the place where I am reminded of just how unfathomably great He truly is, and that He has made Himself available to each of us despite our innumerable shortcomings. I praise Him that even when my lungs ache and my voice cracks and melody fails me that I can raise that joyful noise unto Him and continue to ascribe until Him the glory that He already possesses.

I praise God that we can sing together, that as one His people and His church, whether in great congregations or private meetings, can bring that same worship and praise to Him, that even hearts who do not acknowledge His greatness can be found repeating the words that give Him due honor, that every person in their humble and broken state with their own pain can seek Him and find Him to be the One who meets all of their needs. I praise Him that in every assembly He sees to the heart of each man and is worshiped in great collusion among the souls that have seen His salvation and received His Spirit. I praise Him that our limited words and failing vocabularies are made whole by the intercession of that Spirit and by the Son who died for us. I praise Him that as a result we will one day be gathered up together to Him and enter into His glory everlasting, that each person will take the great deeds and rewards that were attained in their life, whether great or meager, and cast them at His feet, that His bride the church will have the joy and love of His eternal presence.

And forever we will sing.


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