Happy Birthday Tyler Clark!

Today, 26 years ago, this world welcomed a new little baby- that baby would grow up to be my husband, Mr. Tyler Clark Bowman. I’ve known Tyler for about 5 years now and my life has been fuller in the past five years than it ever has been before.

Tyler continuously shows me what it means to follow Christ whole-heartedly. He loves me unconditionally, he cares for me,  he laughs with me and at me, and he never ceases to amaze me. Tyler is kind, gentle, caring, loving, hilarious (Thanks Dad Bowman), fun, intelligent, and is just an all around amazing guy!

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 12.47.11 PM

Tyler my love, you are quite literally the best person I have ever met- and I’ve met a lot of very impressive people. Your ability to love and laugh is amazing to me. I have so loved being a part of your life these last few years and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. I know this about whatever lies ahead, there is no one I would rather go on this adventure with than you. You challenge me to be and do my best, you push me to never be complacent in life and to always expect the unexpected. You are my emotional black hole and for that I am ever thankful. You accept me, flaws and all and love me even when I feel I don’t deserve it. You are my sole-mate and have chosen to love me for the rest of our lives on this Earth. You often joke that I am the brick God used to let you know it was time to pursue a relationship, but darling, you are the gentleman God used to show me that there is still good in this world. At a conference a long time ago, one of the main speakers told every young lady in the audience to “Never Settle.” Never Settle for less than God’s best in your life. I am so glad that I never settled for what I thought I wanted. You are a better husband and life-partner than I ever could’ve imagined having. Although this life will be full of ups and downs, I am so glad I get to ride the roller coaster with you. You keep life interesting and make even the worst situations bearable. I love you so much Tyler Clark and pray that we continue to grow towards God together.

Happy Birthday to my Husband, my love.

I know…



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