The fruit of the Spirit’s not a grape!

Sometimes I really don’t appreciate God’s sense of humor. This week I found out that once again I have a sinus infection. For those of you that have been around me enough to hear my complaints, this makes the 3rd one for the 3rd month in a row. I’ve never gotten sinus infections before. I’m not sure if my genetics are finally catching up with me (thanks mom), or if I really am allergic to Tyler.

Yesterday after I got done seeing my favorite doctor in NWA (shout out to Dr. Lee!) I went to Walmart to get my meds. Unfortunately, they were having computer issues and told me it wouldn’t be ready for at least 2 hours. No problem! I could go on to church and Tyler could pick it up after work since he was working late anyway. Problem: Apparently the insurance said the birthdate walmart had did not match what they had. Joy. So this morning we call the insurance and everything is good on their end. I call walmart as soon as the pharmacy opens and talk to the Pharmacist. Apparently they had put my prescriptions under the wrong Amanda Bowman after I had spent a good 45 minutes updating my information and insurance the day before. No problem again! He assured me it would be ready in 30 minutes so I could pick it up on my way to class (in Conway no less). I get there about an hour later and try to pick it up in the drive-thru. I am informed that it will be ready in 45 minutes and they have to run it under Amanda Cox. PROBLEM! That is not my name anymore, that is not the name that’s on my insurance, and that’s not the name that Dr. Lee called it in under. So now I’m annoyed. I park my car, grab my insurance card and head in thinking that I am not leaving there without my meds! I feel terrible, I’ve been patient, I’m done.

I get inside and the woman remembers me. I inform her that this is the fourth time I’ve been to walmart in the past 24 hours trying to get this perscription and I need it now. After another 30 minutes of her trying to fix my name in the system, get my insurance transferred from the other Amanda Bowman’s account to mine, etc, she tells me that she has finally fixed it (she hopes) and she’s put it under critical so it should be ready soon and I can sit down and wait on it.

I’m ticked! I’m so upset I can feel myself shaking becuase I’m already an hour late. When you have to drive 2.5 hours to make it to class, an hour is hard to make up.

As I sit down a song pops into my head that we’ve been singing in the children’s choir at my church. “The fruit of the spirit’s not a grape… If you want to be a grape, you might as well hear it, you can’t be a fruit of the spirit.. Cause the fruit’s are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control.”

Convicted. Not funny God.

Y’all, I felt so bad for being annoyed at the Pharmacy Tech. I had this feeling I should go apologize but I didn’t want to. I dug my feet in and said no. Unfortunately God had a different idea. The song kept repeating in my head! Over and Over again until my medicine was finally ready. By that time I had caved. I walked over to the drop-off window after I had gotten my medicine and apologized. I apologized for being so annoyed when I came in and thanked her multiple times for helping me straighten everything out.

How did she react? She told me to come back and see her anytime and she would love to help me.
Y’all, that’s Jesus working. Who knows if she will remember me, but if she does, the door is open! I put aside my pride (which is super hard for me FYI) and was hopefully able to make a positive impact on her day.

God is good and I am not. Even if I don’t appreciate His sense of humor sometimes, I’m so glad that he keeps me on my toes and is continuously changing me to be more like him.


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