Sweet Friendships refresh the soul

Tonight I ran into some wonderful friends at a local coffeehouse. It was so great to fall back into conversation with them even though we hadn’t seen each other in about a month. We’ve gone through lots of life changes in the past few months, and life has just gotten hectic! With marriages, a baby (them, not me), new jobs, family, and just life getting in the way I’ve realized how hard it can be to keep up friendships. Thankfully none of my friends hold it against me! At least, they don’t let me know if they do! 😉

I’m so very thankful to have friends in many different stages of life. I have friends that are married, with and without children. I have friends that are single. I have friends that are engaged. I have friends that are “mature” and friends that still seem like little babes. I realized tonight that there is a purpose for each of these sweet friends in my life. I love that I can pour into my younger friends (or try to at least) just as other friends have poured into me. As selfish as it is, I love that several of my friends got married before me. It gives me such comfort to come to them with worries and fears, misconceptions, and questions and for them to be authentic with me. They don’t sugar coat things. Don’t get me wrong, marriage isn’t terrible, but it definitely isn’t rainbows and unicorns either.

The first night we got home from our honeymoon, I made the mistake of telling Tyler that I wouldn’t mind if he cuddled with me when he came to bed *hint hint*. Sadly, sleep Amanda and awake Amanda have different views on cuddling. The next morning as he was innocently rolling over to tell me good morning the first words our of my mouth were “Every time you move you push me off the bed. Get Out.”

It is so nice to be able to tell my sweet friends this and they don’t judge me. They don’t wonder what’s wrong with me because I was a grouch to my husband. They just laugh along with me because they’ve been there too! Being authentic and real I think is a big part of our witness and fellowship. All too often I find myself asking people “How are you?” expecting them to say fine, because if they’re anything other than fine, I don’t know how to handle it. I take the easiest route too and instead of saying how I’m really feeling, or what I’m really struggling with, I put on a stained-glass masquerade.  I pretend that everything is just fine in my world. I’m the best little wife, the best little daughter, the best little christian. When in reality, I’m not even close.

Godly friendships are an amazing gift because they force us to be authentic. They keep us accountable in our actions. They provide a safe haven to discuss our faults, failures, shortcomings, and fears. But the most important aspect of a Godly friendship, is that they continue to lift you up to God. They continue to point you to God. They continue to challenge you to be a man or woman of God that you’re called to be!

Whether they pour into me, or I attempt to pour into them. I am EXTREMELY thankful for each of my friends and realize that they have helped to shape who I am. I would not have the confidence I have in my faith without them. Honestly, I wouldn’t be the person I am without them.



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