A big ‘ol piece of humble pie

So tonight at ABS we talked about a World Changer. Jesus. He completely rocked the world by saving it. He did exactly what he said he was going to do when he came to Earth. He died on the cross to save us, and he made disciples so everyone would know about this awesome gift.

All throughout history people have died for the Word of God. They have died trying to bring the message of Jesus to others. No matter where you are, someone died to bring you the gospel. Whether it was in the last year, last hundred years, or some of the original disciples dying for their faith- someone in the genealogy of your faith died for you.

Tonight was met with a HUGE piece of humble pie. When a friend shared how she had been discipling and pouring into an acquaintance I was hit in the face- hard. Not literally (even though it definitely felt like I had the breath knocked out of me), but all I could think of was “Why am I not trying to reach them?” Thoughts kept swirling over and over in my head. When did I decide that I was worthy of choosing who got into Heaven? If I truly loved Jesus the way I say I do, why am I not doing everything in my power to win souls to Christ?

As Brad was going over the lesson tonight this quote kept swirling in my mind:


The fact that this world is the closest thing that some people will ever get to Heaven absolutely breaks my heart. Why am I not doing more? I know that I will never be able to save anyone, I don’t have the power, or the grace, or the words, but I trust that God can use me in ways I never dreamed possible in reaching those around me.

Tonight I realized that if I want to start winning souls to Christ it’s going to take an attitude change. I have to be able to get past myself, to get past my pride and start people for who they are. God’s creation. Unworthy, just as I am, but made worthy by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

I hope and pray and that my friend will break down the walls of our acquaintance’s heart and that they will know the healing and redeeming love of God. I pray that they both will be strengthened and I hope that my apology will be accepted. So now I humble myself. I humble myself by apologizing to God for putting myself in his shoes and I apologize to my acquaintance because my snap judgment and the way I’ve acted since has just cemented their idea of the church being hypocritical.

“If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to hell over our dead bodies…” I was that sinner, thankfully someone caught me before I leaped and showed me the love of God. Who have you shown lately?


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