We’re officially Open!!

Holy Smokes! We had our final walkthrough last night and we are now officially open to start taking placements! We are trusting and praying that God's hand will be in our first call and our first placement! (neither of which has happened yet, FYI) I can't tell you how excited and terrified I am. I … Continue reading We’re officially Open!!


The Space Between Words by Michèle Phoenix

Genre/ Total Pages: Historical/General fiction with a touch of Christian fiction Price: $10.99 on Amazon (Releasing September 5, 2017) Rating: 4.5/5 *I received this book from NetGally in exchange for an honest review. Oh. My. Goodness. Phoenix weaves an amazing story full of heartache, mystery, potential, and hope. As I read the book, I felt like … Continue reading The Space Between Words by Michèle Phoenix


Well, here we are again at the break of a brand spanking new year. So full of potential, full of what if's and full of I sure hope nots. Tonight as I was reflecting (daydreaming if you will) about what I hope this year brings, I decided to take a look back at my resolutions … Continue reading HNY!